As part of our national day celebrations, we hosted a circular economy forum to address the vital need for stakeholder collaboration, innovation and digital solutions, and investment in sustainable education if countries are to successfully transition to a circular economy model.
Event Overview
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Circular economy forum: accelerating the transition toward a cleaner, greener, happier future

During our Circular Economy Forum, our expert speakers provided insights into how, as a government research institution, The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra developed the world’s first road map to a circular economy 2016 - 2025 and successfully supports Finland’s circular economy transition. Jyrki Katainen, President of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, joined the event via a Nokia 5G hologram to discuss why and how the circular economy has become a mega-trend for the world market.

Finnish businesses are embracing the transition towards a circular economy and developing innovative, digital solutions to help countries ease the strain on the earth’s carrying capacity and move towards a more sustainable future. During the discussion, our panel of experts highlighted how the theory of a circular economy is working in practice, both in Finland and the UAE, and how both countries continue to support businesses locally and globally as they work towards ambitious sustainability goals.

Our expert speakers included:

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Finland's Commitment to a Circular Economy

Finland's Commitment to a Circular Economy

We are all aware of the urgent challenges of today: loss of biodiversity, climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources. To address these, we need to transition to a circular economy. This requires bringing communities and businesses together to work for a more sustainable future.

Companies operating in line with circular economy principles keep raw materials in play through maintenance, re-purposing or transforming them into entirely new product and service categories. The circular economy could generate over $1 trillion of annual material savings globally by 2025. Finland’s circular economy road map experience illustrates this. It marries a grand vision with concrete steps for making this vision a reality.

Finland is already in the process of reforming its economic model to enhance sustainability and transform the way citizens and businesses interact with our planet’s natural resources. As pioneers in renewable energy and clean technology, we use our natural connection to Finnish nature to innovate when searching for more sustainable sources of energy production.

Written by The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, Finland’s Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2016-2025 was the first of its kind. It outlines ways key country stakeholders and citizens can successfully transition to a circular economy by 2025. Shifting towards a circular economy means production and consumption are no longer based on ownership but rather on services. This means reusing materials and creating added value to products, allowing everyone to benefit from a framework based on sharing, renting and recycling, as Finland transitions to a carbon-neutral society.