Finland at Dubai Expo 2020 - Sharing Future Happiness

Finland, together with over 100 Finnish companies, will participate at Expo 2020 Dubai from 01 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.   Finland is one of the leading countries in terms of innovation and technology know-how. The Finnish pavilion presents globally leading clean technologies, circular economy with sustainable use of resources, sustainable energy and digital solutions, mobile communications, machinery, education, health & wellbeing, travel, and Finnish design.  


To succeed in a constantly changing world, you have to change as well. Finland has reinvented itself in just one short century – and we are still at it. Finland ranks among the top countries in the world according to several studies. Finland's population makes up just 0.07 per cent of the world's population and the world’s total area. However, even a small country can stand out and lead the way, and this is what Finland has done. In international country comparisons of positive things, Finland is often among the top countries along with other Nordic countries.

Review examples of how Finland scores against other countries, making it a great place to work and do business.


If you’re feeling down, it may be time to book a trip to Finland.

The nineth annual World Happiness Report* revealed the residents of Finland are the happiest in the world for the fourth year in a row. This isn’t attributable to the Finns being born happier than other nationalities – immigrants who call Finland home are also the happiest immigrants in the world. So, what is it about Finland that makes it a great place to live and work?

Despite long winters, the residents of Finland and its Nordic neighbours are consistently happier than those living in other countries. All of the Nordic countries scored highly in categories relating to: income, health, life expectancy, gender equality, social support, freedom to make life decisions, trust and generosity.

Finland tops the charts, being ranked the most stable and least corrupted, safest, most socially progressive and among the most transparent countries in the world.

The World Happiness Report 2020 for the first time ranks cities around the world by their subjective well-being.  And, the happiest city in the world is Helsinki, the capital of Finland!

*The report, produced by the United National Sustainable Development Solutions Network, bases its results on how happy the residents of 156 ranked countries perceive themselves to be. 

Finland's Key Strengths

Education and know how

Finland’s world-class education system forms the foundation of the country’s success, feeding solutions to local and global challenges.

Nature and Sustainable Development

Finland is home to fresh air, pure water, clean energy and an abundance of green forests, and the country is striving to keep it that way through sustainable solutions.

Functionality and wellbeing

Good governance, social innovation and functional solutions in business, industry and people’s everyday lives keep Finland running smoothly.

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