Finland has fresh air, pure water, green forest, smart energy and clean technology. Our Nordic nature, with 180,000 lakes, inspires us to find creative and sustainable solutions.


Finns and the forest

With more than 70 per cent of its area covered by trees, Finland is Europe’s most forested country. This has always formed the basis of the Finnish way of life. Finland’s rise to prosperity is based on expertise in using renewable natural resources sustainably. 

Finland is a world leader in sustainable forest management. Commercial forestry must take into account forest biodiversity and carbon sinks. Finland has a policy of planting three seedlings for every tree harvested, and logging never exceeds forest growth. Around twelve per cent (2.7 million hectares) of Finnish forest is protected. 

Finns love and value forests, but also benefit from them – sustainably. More information about the Land of Forests.

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Today, Finland is the greenest country in the world, according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI 2016). Finland is also a frontrunner in renewable energy technology. Almost 40 per cent of Finnish energy is produced using sustainable methods, and our expertise in smart electricity distribution grids keeps everyone supplied with power.

The secret behind our innovative bioenergy technology lies in the Finnish nature. Our pioneering know-how and experience in the use of natural materials, such as wood, has put us in a cutting-edge position on our way towards more sustainable energy production. We are always searching for ways to use our waste to create a new life, take us to places, and keep us warm, so our high-end expertise in waste management chains, recycling, waste-to-energy, and waste-based fuel comes in handy. Smart production and use of energy save money and the environment.

Cleantech from the greenest country in the world 


Finland's water sector always ranks high in international comparisons. Finland is special because you can swim and fish in any of the 647 rivers and 187,888 lakes in the country. You can drink water directly from the tap anywhere. All of Finland has access to improved water sources and sanitation.

The water supply system in Finland is robust, reliable and cost-effective. It functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finland is noted for its good regulation and operation, as well as robust and reliable technology.

Here are some of the key strengths of the Finnish water sector:

  • Versatile international water know-how, world-class excellence

  • Appropriate sector legislation and effective administration

  • Good cooperation with other sectors and NGOs

  • Long tradition of consumer initiative


The way we live, travel, eat and do business is undergoing a radical change. A good life is no longer achieved by simply producing more and more goods. The new way of everyday life will be based on using services instead of owning things.

The circular economy, which focuses on reusing materials and creating added value to products through services and smart solutions, is also a huge business opportunity. The action plan for the circular economy in Finland has also attracted a lot of international interest. Finland has everything needed to become a leading circular economy country and we are hoping to share our expertise with others.
A large number of world-class Finnish enterprises have adopted circular economy approaches in their business. In Finland’s pulp and paper industry, almost all the materials and side streams are being recycled and utilised in producing new products or to generate renewable energy. Finland also excels in various solutions, from waste management and sustainable future food, to new material development. For instance, Finnish firms have been rapidly developing new innovative biomaterials derived from wood.

More information about Circular Economy.

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Education and know how

Finland’s world-class education system forms the foundation of the country’s success, feeding solutions to local and global challenges.

Nature and Sustainable Development

Finland is home to fresh air, pure water, clean energy and an abundance of green forests, and the country is striving to keep it that way through sustainable solutions.

Functionality and wellbeing

Good governance, social innovation and functional solutions in business, industry and people’s everyday lives keep Finland running smoothly.