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Finland’s sustainable development garners global recognition


Finland has taken the top spot in the Sustainable Development Report 2022, and the cities of Lahti a...

Health solutions take centre stage in Finland


Finnish companies have reported on progress with their solutions for determining the efficacy of ana...

Global recognition continues for Finnish universities


QS World University Rankings has included a total of nine universities in Finland in its annual list...

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This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 26. June.

Media literacy is one tool for a resilient society. That’s why it forms a part of #Finland’s curriculum: #Finnish students study famous propaganda campaigns in history, learn about advertising and see how statistics can be used to mislead people.👇

This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 26. June.

It’s good if people don’t feel isolated or alone. More community activities have sprung up in #TampereFinland thanks to #ParticipatoryBudgeting, in which residents get to decide how tax money is used. Please join us!

This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 25. June.

How’s life in the northernmost and southernmost villages of #Finland? Learn about life in the town of Nuorgam and island of Utö characterized by nature and “tranquil”.🌻👇

This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 25. June.

Midsummer occupies a special place in the #Finnish calendar, representing the high point of summer and the most popular time to start your annual vacation. Here, an American recounts his many colourful memories of Midsummer in Finland!

This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 25. June.

Would you like to go for a dip? It’s easy in Tampere, a city sandwiched between two large lakes! Swimming and rescue skills are skills that everyone is encouraged to acquire. #ParticipatoryBudgeting #TampereFinland

This Is Finland
@ThisIsFinland · 24. June.

The #Finnish word for Midsummer is juhannus, actually a form of “John,” as in Saint John, whose feast day falls on or near the summer solstice. In Swedish, which is also an official language in #Finland, the holiday is known simply as midsommar.