The main theme of Snow Cape and Finland’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Sharing Future Happiness’. Finnish happiness is based on the symbiosis of people, nature and technology. This deep connection is the origin of the quality of everyday Finnish life and the Finland pavilion communicates this happiness by taking visitors on a journey through Finland’s key strengths; nature and sustainability, education and know-how and functionality and wellbeing.

JKMM Architects, which was also the architect of Finland’s pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, has designed a simple yet functional structure, ensuring accessibility, openness and simple people flow remain at the core of the architectural concept.

“Lumi” or “Snow Cape” is the name with which Finland is going to present itself at the Expo 2020. Resembling an Arabic tent made of snow, the Finland Pavilion aims to bring together the country’s icy landscapes with the culture of Expo 2020’s host nation.

Lumi is Finnish and means “snow”. Inspired by the white blanket of snow which covers the Finnish landscape from autumn onwards, the Finland Pavilion resembles a white tent made of snow. The simple, elegant design reflects the fascinating tradition of Finnish architecture.


The pavilion appears as a simple, cubic volume with a striking entrance facing towards the front plaza. Water in dark lakes – shallow water pools – will create gentle sounds and cool the air around it. Visitors will access the pavilion through a tent-like opening into a gorge, a special central void of the pavilion that opens to the sky. Visitors will experience a dramatic contrast between sensory overload of Expo environment and serene, Nordic atmosphere inside the central void.

Finnish components and materials play an important role in the design of the Lumi pavilion. Soft and light façade fabric will be in strong contrast to hard, brushed concrete of entrance deck. The entrance porch, spanning through the whole height of the pavilion, will be a cool intermediate space to prepare the visitor for a focused visit of the exhibition itself. Hard, granite flooring will further lead the visitor into the central gorge, where the warmth of gently curved wooden surface will embrace the visitor.

Within the busy and noisy Expo environment, Finland’s Pavilion offers clarity and serenity. From outside the shape is simple but refined. The centre of the pavilion features a peaceful ‘gorge’ that has been carved into wood. Space offers Expo 2020 visitors respite within a calming retreat.


Finland Pavilion was designed by a workgroup, made up of Expomobilia, JKMM Architects, Beyond Limits, Factornova and FiveCurrents. The concept, planning and execution of the Finnish pavilion are being undertaken by JKMM Architects (Finland) and Expomobilia AG (Zurich, Switzerland).

About JKMM Architects (Finland):

JKMM Architects is an integrated design practice of architecture, interiors, furniture, graphic design and art.  JKMM is based in Helsinki, creating next-generation modern Finnish design.

JKMM aims to make architecture, which can help to build a better, more sustainable and happier society.  With the most competition prizes in Finland, JKMM has grown to become one of the leading studios in Finland.  At JKMM Architects, there are almost 100 designers working together as a big family with shared values.

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About Expomobilia (Switzerland): 

Expomobilia has many years of experience in exhibition and pavilion architecture.  In recent years, Expomobilia has executed a variety of exhibitions and roadshows in the Middle East, established a branch office in the region and expanded the local network. In the Expo 2020 Expomobilia is general contractor for the pavilion construction of the four countries Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway.

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The Finland Pavilion has two levels: ground level for the general exhibition and second level with VIP and conference areas, the “Finland Majlis”. The VIP area provides an excellent platform to organise corporate events in the Finland Pavilion. These events include seminars, workshops, client meetings, media events, lunches, dinners, cocktails, parties and meetings with various interest groups.


The main theme of the exhibition in the Finnish Pavilion is “Sharing Future happiness”. The sub-themes are circular economy, sustainability and innovation. Finland's key pillars of happiness are functionality and well-being, nature and sustainable development, and education and know how. Finland will be presented at the Expo by “Sharing Future Happiness” exhibition based on these strengths and the expertise of the partner companies.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. Expo 2020 is expected to attract 25 million visits, with 70 per cent of visitors projected to come from outside the UAE – the largest proportion of international visitors in the 168-year history of World Expos.

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