Symbiosis of people, pure nature and technology

The main theme of the exhibition in the Finnish Pavilion is “Sharing Future happiness”.  The sub-themes are circular economy, sustainability and innovations.  Finland's key pillars of happiness are functionality and well-being, nature and sustainable development, and education and know how. Finland will be presented at the Expo by “Sharing Future Happiness” exhibition based on these strengths and the expertise of the partner companies.

The meaning of Finnish happiness is deeper than just pure joy. It is built around trust and safety, stable society, education and functioning in every day. It is made possible by innovations in industry and society. Happiness is contentment and confidence in the future.

Finnish happiness springs from the symbiosis of people, nature and technology. This connection is the origin of the quality of our everyday life and the exhibition communicates happiness through this two-way connection. In Symbiosis, exhibition visitor is the centre and acts as a main character of the exhibition story. He or she is the experiencer to whom the message is addressed to and who gets the chance to immerse with the exhibition content.

Finland’s connection to nature and natural resources are deeply related to happiness. Happiness springs from being endlessly fascinated by its natural wonders and phenomena. We respect nature and its resources in a sustainable way. Circular economy and sustainability are important for people living in Finland. The exhibition is divided into different episodes that work as their own, but are in connection complementing each other.  Each episode brings a new point of view to the main theme. The episodes form a profound story of Finland and the building blocks of our future happiness.

The exhibition of the Finnish Pavilion is an innovative showcase of Finnish expertise in different sections such as Natural Resources & Energy Cycle, ICT & Digitalization, Smart cities, Technology, Education & Health, and Design & Tourism.

For Finland, a circular bioeconomy is a tool for achieving sustainable development, combatting climate change, saving natural resources, and improving the state of the environment, all while generating economic growth and jobs.

The exhibition will provide an in-depth story of Finland, providing visitors with experiences and information on which Finland's happiness is based, continuous development and innovation, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and extensive international cooperation.